What make a girl interesting to a guy?

I am on a dating site. My profile has been viewed 1750 times and I've gotten 5 emails.
I've talked to 2 people from the website for a few days then it goes silent. So what am I doing wrong? Am I coming on too strong?


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  • The chances of a woman "coming on too strong" is pretty much zero. Without knowing what you've written in your profile, it's pretty difficult to critique what you're doing wrong.

  • If you "come on too strong" they'll think you're a guy creepo. Otherwise, they might think you're after their money (and noone likes a theif) Dating sites can take time. Just be yourself, eventually you'll find a guy that likes you for you. :)

    Pls answer my question: how to torture a fly that's been bugging me for hours? I caught it in a jar.

    If you have more questions feel free to ask me.


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