Should I ask her out to dinner this weekend?

I used to work with this girl who is really shy and weve off and on talked for 7-8 months. Maybe 2-3 times a week but skip a week here or there. In the beginning I usually started the conversation but she has come to me a few times too. A few months ago she invited me to go hang out with her and some mutual friends but I was out of town which sucked.

It kind of died down a little lately because she's in college and I had been really busy with work. BUT in the last week its picked up a little because its her last week before winter break and things slowed down for me too. Part of me feels like she might like me so I kind of want to ask her out to dinner this weekend. Do you think I should?


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  • If you don't do it, you'll kick yourself later.. Go for it! She wouldn't have invited you anywhere if she wasn't at least a little attracted to you, especially if she's shy.


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  • Yes, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

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