I have two choose between dating two of my guy friends and I am so lost and I need help. This could change my life forever?

It all started this fall with a church friend who's name was let's say Nate who I asked to Homecoming as I liked him and we were becoming friends. He liked me at the time but I didn't know until later. Nate and I were so close to dating but then I started rehearsing for a musical I was in and was literally swept off my feet by another guy. (Jack) so them came the decision between Nate and Jack. Let's just say I chose very wrong and friendzoned Nate before even really getting to know Jack. Nate blew up a little and I felt really bad. Jack ended up treating me like crap and I wanted to go back to Nate but he already had another girl he was interested in. So I told my best friend of 3 years that I might be interested in more than a friendship and he said I have loved you this whole time. We almost dated on the spot however we were hesitant because we didn't want yo ruin our amazing friendship and he can be a little dirty and he jokes around with me a lot. Not in a bad way. So I overheard at church that some other guy was trying to get between Nate and this new girls relationship. i hadn't talked to him since he blew up on me for friend zoning him. I pulled him aside at church and poured my heart out to him and said if there was any chance his other relationship didn't work out that I would be there if he wanted to take me back and he said to give him time but he hears what I was saying. Now after seeing Nate and this other girl blossom in their relationship even as someone tries to get in between them I realize how much I miss him and want him back now more than ever. But them I still have my best friend who admits to actually loving me this whole time and i don't know which guy to pursue more. Nate is extremely attractive but not available at the moment, and mark is sweet and he loves me but I am not as attracted to him and we don't want to ruin our friendship. I need some advice/guidance.
Thanks in advance for reading this!

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I meant too* in the question.
Actually I think I would just be to* I'm going to kms I'm so bad at typing


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  • Why couldn't you just be friends like... in childhood? I don't really get it


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  • It's your choice. I won't make it for you also there are more fish in the sea.


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  • You're still very young. It doesn't matter who you choose because you'l eventually break up with them. You're going to meet a bunch of different guys once you graduate from high school or even in high school itself. Just focus on school. If you badly want to date, then date that Mark guy as he's apparently good to you. Don't mess up Nate's relationship with the other girl. He's already taken so let him be.