How to date a 30 year old male? as an 18 year old female?

So I met this guy through Twitter.. and added him on snapchat.. had him on snap for a few months. occasionally looking at each other snaps. on Thanksgiving I snapped him happy Thanksgiving and we started to message. he said I was pretty cute and messages later he asked for my number. I gave it to him, he texted me, we texted. we texted that whole day and he fell asleep at night. he texted me the next morning saying he did so. we texted.. he was curious as to whether I was okay with the age and I said yes. he found that interesting and that whole next day we texted then he said goodnight. then the next day I texted him. we texted.. again he asked if I was okay with the age. I said yes. there was a goodnight again. I text him the next day. we text. now, each time we texted he would take awhile to respond as he is a busy person.. so when he texted me goodnight that night it was a 15 minute gap so I didn't get a chance to reply bc I fell asleep that time.. I didn't reply in the morning bc I didn't know if that's what he wanted (it was 3 messages.. a goodnight in German, then that it meant goodnight, then an lol) and since I had already texted him first I didn't reply. that morning and the whole day (today, it's alright night though) he didn't text me. I'm confused as to whether or not he's interesting.. if he wants me to text him first? he's a very outgoing and motivational person. he's busy so i understood when he took awhile to reply. he said he hadn't dated in awhile bc he headed that girls were after his money. I'm not, I really am not. I have taken an interest in his motivational messages through social media and would like to get to know him.. any help please o:) I won't try and stop people from saying about the age.. but please help me out with the situation first? and sorry it's so long T-T thanks!


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  • Take it slow and see if he's really into you or just looking for a young girl to sex...

    • well he didn't text me today... but he has seen my snaps.. and he hasn't said any sexual comments... I don't know if he's waiting on me orrrr... you know?

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    • He wants dat young pussy

    • thanks for the tip T-T

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  • I dated a 30 year old when I was 18, and we broke up within less then a year. The age difference thing didn't work out and even though he was older he was still very immature for a 30 year old.

    • yes, but that doesn't answer the question...

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