Best friends to a couple? Does it work?

I've been friends with this guy for 5 years. We're not really much alike besides the fact that we don't have a big social circle. He's funny in a goofy way, and I'm more serious and sarcastic. He's pretty attractive, and I've thought about it, but I have no idea where he stands. Every Friday night we hangout. I don't know why, but every Friday he comes over, and sometimes we just sit in his car for hours and talk if it's raining. He's alwaya the one to come over. I never ask him to. I know he finds me attractive, as he's said it before, and he once said more than he probably wanted me to know one drunken night over text. Basically saying how hot I am, and that he misses me and all this weird stuff.
But, the other half of me says no. He listens to me talk about other guys. I called him Friday night and he listened for fifteen minutes as I rambled on about this guy who was being an ass to me. And he even checked on me later that night and said "I'm sure he'll want to talk tomorrow." Just being sweet. I've had guy friends like me before, and if I talked about guys one of them would get jealous and either ignore me or just leave. But this one seems ready to help? He talks about other girls, but just ones he finds attractive. He never really tells me he's actually interested in them. I'm not sure if I would ever pursue anything, it might just be that in feeling bad about something that happened with this other guy. But still, it's been in the back of my head since I met him. And people have always said we have sexual tension.

Has it ever worked for you? Has a friend (a longtime friend) ever become more than that? Do you think there's a possibility he sees me as more than a friend?


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  • He'd probly say yes. But once the tension is gone he might get awkward. You could gain a husband or lose a friend. But if you're both happy the way things are I woulden't jeopardise that.

  • Ya but only for Taylor Swift.


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