YOU won't BELIEVE what happened?

After my ex broke up with me, he to talk to me or answer my text, which made me initiate the "No Contact" rule for a few weeks. Yesterday when I texted him, here is what he said:

Me: Hey, I heard that ACFT closed down when I went flying today. Is this true,?
Him: Yep.
Me: What is going to happen to the 2nd years?
In terms of flying?
Him: Moving to racwa.
Me: RACWA only for you guys?
Him: Racwa for everyone, but mecir students are going to ad astral. Still fee help.
Me: I see. So I guess I am still going to do my people with the bank loan then. By the way, hope all is going well. How are you?
How is your flying going?
Him: I haven't flown in over a month due to all this shit.
Me: I am sorry to hear that, Todd. Any ideas to why it shut down?
How did your exams fare by the way?
Him: Exams were easy, pretty much guaranteed three hd's i think, maybe a fourth if the exam went as well as I think.
Me: Yeah exam was easy. By the way I've heard China Southern students on the radio today. Apparently, they were terrible!
Him: They're always terrible.
Me: Agreed. By the way, what subjects are you taking next year?
Him: All of them. I have twelve units left to do, gonna overload and finish off the degree.
Four in total I think, unless I take extra third year electives.

Do I still have a chance with him by the looks of it? He was DEAD angry when he broke up with me.

people (Private Pilot's License) no not people, LOL.


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  • Well since you missed his obvious hints, he was being very short with you and only answering your questions. It sounds like he wants very little to do with you. How you ended up missing that is beyond me lol

    • What obvious hints? I am oblivious, please help!

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    • Whatever makes you feel better

    • Sure, just don't want to copy and paste 10 pages of past texting. If he is still angry and emotionally invested, then that means he is not over me. He refuses to tell me how he feels and keeps swearing, in which he never did in front of me

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  • He was only replying to you because he felt that you wouldn't leave him alone if he tried to ignore you. He was not happy to be talking to you, so that's why he was answering you in an emotionless way. You should just let it go and move on, you're only beating a dead horse. But if you want to be his friend that badly, I suggest you stop texting him for a long time (I'm talking months at the very least) and then try again when you've both had moved on.

    • Actually I did not text him for a month, and we are both aloof people. So I did not harass and bombard him with texts. The last message he gave me, I just said sorry and that was it.

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    • Either he didn't get around to it, or he felt/hoped that he shouldn't have to in order for you to get the hint.

    • But if he really wanted no contact and to get over me, he should have blocked me, right?

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  • I have no idea what to tell you. This conversation tells us nothing but that you guys can have a civil conversation over text. Don't assume that just because he is willing to talk, that you might get back together.

    • Do you think we can be friends? Because I want to be friends.

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    • And next year we have classes and I still have his book that I borrowed.

    • Maybe you can be friends, it's not recommended though since you obvious have feeling still. But you have to stop taking him for granted.