I am consistently mad a my boyfriend and I do not know how to escape it?

My boyfriend and I were friends for three years and then starting dating about 6 months ago. Things were great, he was super supportive, told me he loved me and sent me sweet things all the time. We are truly best friends and we have pretty good communication. Things started to go sour when I fell in love with him about 3 months in and I got super attached. He is a hardcore Christian and I am of aboriginal descent, most of his friends and family were also christian and didn't really approve of him dating a non-christian so he has kept me hidden. He told a select few of his friends but then told them that we broke up when a friend of his threatened to tell his new boss (at a church of his dreams) that he was dating a non-christian. I wasn't aware of this though he broke down crying one night telling me he loved me more thatn anything and that he was confused and he had also put himself in a situation where something could have happened with another christian girl because he was confused. He apologized profusely and cried for days and I forgave him because I did believe he did love me. But this still bugs me to this day and I am still hurt even though I forgave him. Also after six months of daying he has still not told his parents about me and only just stopped introducing me as his 'friend' to his friends (this only after me breaking down crying after he introduced me as such). This hurts. And even though he has apologized and vowed that things will change, I am still really really hurt and I dont know how to get over it. The final thing is that 6 months before we started dating he broke up with a very serious girlfriend and he still brings her up often. To top this all off he has clinical depression so he has spent the last few months breaking down every night and crying, unable to do anything. I am so sad and stressed out all the time in this relationship, I love him more than anything and he does love me too and does so much for me. I dont know what to do


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  • I think you should let this relationship go. It's obviously bringing a lot of stress and pain into your life. If you were to stay with him what kind of future would you have together? I would think that in order for you guys to stay together he would have to leave his dream job or be fired, or you would have to start practicing Christianity.