Should I try to talk to him for the last time or should I just move on?

So this guy is my crush for about 3 years. We never actually met, but we study at the same place and sometimes we see each other, but we never spoke. There's a weird chemistry between us and I would LOVE to meet him and know him better so see if we could be friends/something else in the future. A few months ago I sended him a Facebook message asking if he was going to go out that weekend (he has a band and plays in different places). He said yes and invited me to go where he was going to perform and ended the conversation there. I replied that I was going to try to be there. It happens that I couldn't go by any chance (I had an important exam the next morning). I messaged him saying that I was sorry I couldn't be there. He replied saying that he was going to have another concert (he's a musician) and i said that I would defenitly go! I went, the concert was amazing, but was at a such crowded place that we couldn't meet after. There was soooo many people around the band, it was impossible, really! I was sad and ended up going home.

We never talked again. A week ago, he came talk to me at a party, he was a bit drunk, and just bought me a drink and wished me good luck in my studies. Now I'm confused. I don't know if he's interested in me or if he just did that because he was drunk/he considered me a fan?

Should I message him one last time? What should I say? Or should I just move on and not embarass myself?

I keep thinking that if he was really interested in me, in all this time, he would have done something. I was the one initiating conversation every single time, except for this particular thing at the party (I was sooo not expecting this, I was actually starting to give up on him).

Please help :\

Sorry for my bad English , not a native English speaker lol


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  • It is entirely up to you, just sit down and think whether or not you actually like this guy.

    If you do like him then just ask him out because, trust me, getting embarrassed is way better than spending ages regretting about not asking him. (and as a side note, you shouldn't be embarrassed, he will be flattered you asked him out)

    I should point out all your activities so far hasn't shown any real personal interest, its mostly meet at concert, meet at party not really traditional date stuff like coffee or dinner so bear that in mind, he probably doesn't know you like him!


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  • its time you moved on
    he is a good guy but he doesn't see you the way you want him too


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  • I doubt he would've gone up to you, and brought you a drink no less, at the party unless he hadn't taken some notice of you. Even if he was a bit drunk, sometimes that's when a guy becomes the most honest.

    Yes, definitely send him one last message. Maybe something like, "Hey, how's it going? Got any gigs on?". At any rate, he probably knows that you're interested in him at least, but needs a bit of a shove before he can take action. And even if he's not interested, you won't be embarrassing yourself. It's a perfectly natural thing to do and it won't be held against you.