Is this guy interested in me?

Okay so there's this guy that I like, and I thinkhe likes me too. We've talked a few times and we really connected. I've noticed lately that he is constantly looking at me, either directly or through his peripherals. Whenever I walk by, he also looks at me. When he looks at me he kinda has this blank look on his face, sometimes he looks away, but often if he's not with his friends he'll keep looking at me. What could this mean?


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  • It could mean your hunch is correct.

    • I hope so, and what's kind of making me feel like he really does like me is the fact that he doesn't look at any other girl at all but me. So I don't know lol

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  • maybe he is observating you? why he is doing it is another question


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  • He appears to have some fascination with you, is 'Constantly looking at me' and even on the sidelines it seems he is giving you the rest of his best. However, being you both have 'Talked a few times,' I don't know if he is this shy guy type or what, but with your so-called 'Connection,' Sailtheocean, he could have asked for your number or even suggested hanging out sometime.
    Next time you catch up to him, catch him looking your way, start another convo and mention in passing about getting together. Feel this out and find out once and for All------Where you stand with him.
    Good luck. xx

    • He is extremely shy, and the type to keep to himself. But I will give your advice a try and I'll try talking to him or saying hi the next time I see him. Thank you!

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    • Oh, so welcome... if that is so, let's hope he is even a keeper:)) xxoo

    • What Paris 13 said.