Girls, your honest answer?

I have an ex. We dated a year but we broke up and we never had sex since she was a virgin (18 years old). It's been 8 months since we seen each other and we just started talking again. I'm the type of guy that if you bang another guy even if we we're broke up/mad at each other it's over.

Since we attend different colleges I asked her if she's dated/seen anyone else. She said "nothing serious". No I knowing her she likes to lie/play mind games. I re asked her again. She then rolled her eyes on the back of her skull and said "i don't have to answer to anything & besides I will leave you guessing". I kept re-asking her and she then covered her ears and started singing a song.

I was pissed at this point and ready to smack her in the head for playing games with me. Do you think she's seen other people or is just playing mind games trying to play me?


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  • You are a guy under a female account?

  • you're immature. grow up.

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