Girls/ Guys, what you think of a younger man / woman wanting to date someone older than them self but refers to them as creepy?

Yes i do agree there are both bad in men and women but why would want date someone whose older if you view them as creepy? Wouldn't this be kind of judgmental on your part you never really got to know this person but you are yet so quick to judge?

this question is about people in general this has nothing to do about me dating anyone


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  • nothing wrong with dating older men im dating a guy thats 17 years older then me... lol do u find that creepy? i mean yeah he's old enough to be my dad but he doesn't really act 41 but he does he has the values of a 41 year old but he's not up tight and serious he's a dj he's fun we have heaps in common its like being with some one my age but none of the bullshit of not knowing really what he wants i kinda have the best of both worlds with him i wouldn't normally go for a guy that much older but at the end of the day if u click u have things in common u get along really well and they make u happy it doesn't matter age is just a number and its kinda fun to lol coz i tease him i call him dad and he calls me daddy's little girl lol

    • That's awesome i see no problem
      it's these people who date older people
      or looking to date older people call them
      creepy but yet their looking for someone older
      it's enough to say these people aren't really
      safe to date if they can refer to someone creepy
      without even knowing them too i agree with you.

    • i dated a girl who was age 18 and i was 35 i really loved her
      but we broke up not cause of age difference or or anything else
      just the girl has got lot of mental health issues but it's life

    • I've had online younger girlfriends/ friends who i really loved
      they would call me daddy but what's sad it never went any further hahaha :P

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  • I see no problem with age but if she said she wanted to date you but thinks you're creepy... Then i dont think she really does want to date you. I mean she wouldn't contradict herself like that of she did

    • The question is not about me speaking people in general

    • Ah lol ok makes sense. Well yeah i mean i dont see a problem with age but some people do. And if someone says its creepy then i think its safe to say that they aren't a fan

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  • That's perfectly normal behaviour among idiots who don't know what they want. They just snap to their automatic response of 'anyone older must be creepy' because that's what all the other idiots on their Facebook say.

  • I LOVE older women... I could have gone out with a few reallyyyyy hott now 45 year olds but my life sucks and is a mess so I missed the boat. *Sigh* :(

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