Trying to not give up?

My girlfriend has said she needs space. She has gone through an extremely hard time with her ex-husband of 8 years and a move she did not want to do. She is isolating from me and everyone else as well. I am doing light contact. Every 3 or 4 days she will pop up and reply to an email.
The challenge is to stay committed and not give up on her/us.
Please comment especially if you have a success story from hanging on.


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  • You should break it off for now. If there's a chance, it'll pick back up better later on. Don't waste time waiting around for her.


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  • Okay. I'll be honest, you say especially if you have a success story, that means you don't seem to want advice as much as reassurance and I can get with that.
    I have a failure story though. And I think that's worth just as much. I won't go in details with mine but here goes something.
    She was in a relationship for 8 years. That's going to take some time to get over even if he was an abuser or just awful. 8 years she was bound to this guy, and just because its over doesn't mean the feelings are gone.
    How much of an us is there? Because unless she has specifically told you something about why she's getting distant (which by the way, don't be afraid to bring it up), I'd take this as a warning.
    Don't let your chances with someone else slip because of this woman. Acknowledge that she's not worth all of you since she's pulled back as well, because I guarantee she hasn't distanced herself from all her friends.
    You need to be careful here, because honestly she's not a sure thing.
    Make her aware that you're there for her, but I wouldn't throw all my cards on the table of I were you.
    And if she starts talking with her Ex again... Just leave.