Asked out a girl for movies and dinner but she suggested to bring her "guy" friend along. What to do?

Ok so I met this girl this semester and we became good friends and did assignments together. I really like her didn't wanted to miss the chance so I asked her if she would like to go for dinner after exams are done. She said yes. And well what happened now is we were recently talking about our plans for Christmas break and I suggested that we should go for movies and then dinner. She said, yeah and may be invite "her guy friend since her high school days" as well. I was taken a back but I still went ahead and asked so is he going to stay for dinner as well and she said yeah coz he will have nothing to do. This friend of her's is like a brother to her which she told me about before but anyways its obvious that she is hinting that she doesn't wanna be alone with me so what do you guys think will be best thing to do now. I can see that I can't do anything to change it now so I was thinking to just stay away from her now and get on with my life. Any suggestions on whether am I doing the right thing or not? Just let me know what you guys think. And I am not going to make plans with her now about this and will pretend this never happened.
Thanks in advance for your answers.


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  • Tell her don't bring him, and that this is a date.

    Dont be a pussy, be a man & demand the stipulations of this outing.

    • Women are attracted to decisive guys.

      Most women will NEVER tell u what I'm about to say:

      A timid guy absolutely turns her off.

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  • I agree, she just doesn't want anything between the two of you at all. If I were you I'd steer so clear of here, make an excuse to cancel the plans maybe? Though, it seems like she is interested in being your friend. So if you're okay with that make that work? Otherwise, like you say just block her or of your life maybe.


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  • Yep, sorry man, you are wasting your time with her. Either she doesn't like you that way, or is one of these flakes that can't go anywhere without their "friends" tagging along too.

  • Rapecase could happen so he's juz being her bodygaurd for the safety of it ;P
    I assume y'all don't know eachother well so for her safety, she needs sumone there for her incase shiat happens.