So am I ugly or what?

I'm going to keep this brief. Basically I don't think girls really notice me or seem to reciprocate attraction. So I'm putting my self esteem in the hands of strangers. Try not to be too mean please. Literally am I ugly or what? Seriously what's wrong with me?

I can't add links but there's a picture of me as my profile pic.


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  • Girls are complicated and probably notice you more than you think but some of us are just good at not letting people know what we think etc because we're worried we will get picked on or the guy will just laugh in our face

    Sorry if this didn't help but I hope it did

    • Yeah I tell myself that but they really seem to look right through me

    • Well maybe that's just what they want you to think. Trust me girls have weired minds we don't think things through before we do them and try not to let the guy know that we like them it's hard to explain but that's girls for ya

  • You are not ugly at all! & I really don't believe (!!) girls don't notice you.


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