Almost two years in and she is still brings up her ex / Am I being unreasonable? (It's a bit long so feel free to skip to the last two paragraphs)

I met a really nice girl at a friends party & we hit it off but at the time I wasn't aiming to date. She wound up mentioning that she had just broke up with her ex a few months back. They had only dated for 3 months but for various reasons she broke up with him one of them being he might be gay (I'll explain soon). I gave her some relationship advice and that was that.

The following day I realized I couldn't get her off my mind, the kicker was she was going to study abroad for next three months. I really was not wanting to date but the more I thought about it the more I realized I enjoyed her company so I asked my friend to forward my Skype to her. I was aiming for a penpal scenario but instead she messaged me immediately and continued to throughout the day (mainly small talk).

By the end of the day she told me she had never connected with anyone like we did and I told her that-that was nice to say but a freshly broken heart can make people say things they don't mean after that she messaged/called me everyday for the next three months... When she got back from her trip we couldn't get our grubby little hands off each other & it's been that way for almost two years now. We live in two different states but we visit each other every three months. She wants to move to my state but wants to finish school first.

Things have been perfect for the past year and a half but every blue moon she'll say something like I can't believe I dated that gay guy... Or he was so gay and the most recent she sent me his Instagram to ask if he's gay (I'm good at reading people) and yes even though I'm 70% sure he's gay that's still not cool to gay bash but more importantly still talk about your ex let alone looking at his Instagram page. It left me very unsettled.

After I brought all this to her attention (calmly) she admitted she is noisy but now she is livid. She's been under a lot of stress lately with school and has been super short.

She has seem to have calm down but yeah what's your interpretation of all this?


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  • She must a have really loved her ex! She probably misses him still.


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  • I have a question first. When she mentions her ex, it is always related to the fact that he is gay or just him in general?

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