Should I care what other people think about the guy I'm dating?

So I've been texting this guy for the last two months, and we've been on some dates. But here's the kicker, he's my cousins cousin (We are not related, We met at our mutual cousins wedding) I know that weird.
I didn't think anyone knew that we were even talking to each other, but we had my cousins over (the ones we're both related to, so they know him) and they were giving me a hard time, typical teasing and stuff. But they said stuff like he's a dipshit. but they also said he's a good guy, which I know. Another thing is that he's not the fittest guy out there. I hate to sound shallow, but if he got rid of what most people call a beer gut (including me) He would probably be the perfect guy.
I'm just really freaked out about what people will think. My cousins think its fine, and its cute, but It just freaks me out (not the fact that he's my cousins cousin). I don't really know how to explain this, and I know that I shouldn't care too much about what people think.


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  • no, your choice, your life, you are the one going out with him not them

    • Should I just ignore them then? I feel like they think I could do better, which makes me second guess my feelings for him.

    • They don't know your feelings only you do. You see in him what others don't & you don't need to justify them to anyone, ignore them but not in a rude way just be like get over it it's my choice deal with it!

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  • "Should I care what other people think about the guy I'm dating?"

    What a paradoxical question.

  • Only a woman would care about stupid shit like this, date whomever you want, who cares what anyone else thinks? They're not the ones that will are with them.


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