If you could design a girl, what would your ideal dream girl be like?

If you could design a girl, what would your ideal dream girl be like?


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  • Some musts, some maybes.. some must nots..

    Nice eyes although fav are blue I like all colours some eyes are just amazing.
    Nice smile.
    Dimples kind of a bonus.
    Looks after or tries to look after her body.
    Not really massively into boobs.
    Like a nice butt.
    Longish hair.
    Don't mind any skin colour.
    Mustn't smoke.
    Not swear much.
    Feminine characteristics.
    Nice cute ears.
    Must have nice feminine cute hands.
    Shorter than me anything 5ft 9ins below.
    Likes to be loved like holding hands, cuddling & tickled.
    Talk about everything innermost thoughts.
    Trust me more than anyone.
    Heart to be so kind.
    Like children.
    Like to travel around the world.
    Good rounded intellect.
    Very good sense of humour.
    Always speaks the truth.


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  • -Smile
    -Open for ideas
    - Non-materialist
    - Non-manipulative
    -Antifeminist (true believer on equality)
    - Able to act like an adult and able to handle rejection
    -Has a higher purpose then "I wanna a Gucci bag!"
    -Always be able to see the other side of the river, even there is no one there.
    -Not a Bigot
    - some one who doesn't lie and have a very high morals

  • i'd design her with a head made of glass, a torso made of tin and with arms and legs made of plastic.

  • A girl who would tell me her feelings, so I wouldn't have to guess...

  • Face and hair like Rachel Bilson, 5'3", athletic body with muscle, outgoing, free-spirited, adventurous, caring, curious about life, non-materialistic, loves animals, etc.

  • Only one thing - I will design such a girl who is most successful in her profession. Successful girl is my weakness.

  • Quiet, agreeable, banging booty, and rockin tits.

  • Blonde with green eyes, girly type, average size boobs, tiny with a bump in hind. Loyal and always in happy mood.

  • I want A short Petite girl 5foot Cute Slim with A Nice personality & at least D~Cups. I love A girl that always looks like A girl from any angle & Beautiful long hair.

  • A girl with a zipper in her mouth. I can open and close it as I wish.

  • 1. Loves my small cock

  • s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...c7c420b287.jpg she'd look something like that I'm guessing

  • Loves watching anime.
    Loves playing games.
    Loves to doodle and draw stuff.
    Shopping is not her favourite activity. ;)
    Enjoys texting and replies to messages.
    Sensible and independent.
    Well-read and smart.
    Honest and non judgmental.

    I tried to make it all about her, and not about how she interacts with me. I've already found this girl though, and trying to get her to fall for me (she's my best friend).

  • I have this unsettling feeling deep inside me that one day I will find my true love.
    She will be:
    1. Asian
    2. Vegetarian
    3. Pansexual
    4. Soccer enthusiast
    5. Craft beer and Wine enthusiast
    6. Loves Gardening
    7. Smiles all the time
    8. Would radther bike then drive
    9. Loves traveling, with a car or with a backpack
    10. Loves all music
    11. Plays more then 2 instruments
    12. Likes to run and do yoga
    13. Respects all aspects of life both good and bad
    14. Loves being experimental with sex, food, music, art, writing everything
    15. Hates not hating hate
    16. Would go with me to a rainbow gathering to a dance club to any concert
    17. Is accepted by my familia as well as me being accepted by her family
    18. Lives in Portland, Oregon
    19. Is Cancer/Gemini cusp
    20. Isn't afraid of the dark or being in it
    21. Likes to be spontaneous from night walks just cause to movie night and cuddling
    22. Trusts me with her life, much like I will trust her with mine
    23. Will love me as much as I will love her
    The problem with all 23 of these reason I want this specific person... Is that she isn't real. Being specific if even being totally spaced and generic in what you want. Life doesn't present you with the carbon copy of what you want. It presents you with the exact person you are meant to learn and fall for. :-)
    She isn't ever what you expected or even though of being with. But when she listens and she talks back to you. Its hard not to listen and fall deep, deep, deeply mad for this person. ...

  • There are so many beautiful women. that I could pick one, and be 100% satisfied with her body without needing to design her. I am really not so picky as to need to pick the legs of one, and the butt of another. All the different parts just need to fit together right.

    Christina Hendricks
    keira knightley
    Zhang Ziyi

    They don't look alike, and I don't see anything wrong with any of them.

    Now if you want to know about designing her personality, then that would be harder. I am starting to find that some of the personality traits I didn't value, are more important than I realized, such as her being romantic.

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    • Well that's different 😂😂😂

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    • There's nothing on my face 😠😠

    • Yeah I manage to get toothpaste all over the place when I brush as well. I tend to roll with plausible denial as well. :D

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  • I'd make her just like me and we'd be best friends.
    She can have different likes and dislikes than me though.

  • Let's see

    Looooong rainbow hair to her waist.
    Big tittays. Like I'm talking solid A cups.
    A booty that'd make Minaj cry.
    Dazzling teeth. Preferably orange.
    Sparkly black eyes.
    Floppy ears.

    10/10 for sure.

  • ME xD im totally joking

  • not you... for sure

  • The brains of Marie Curie and the looks of... FRIDA KAHLO!