Would a girl hangout with a guy after he has told her, he likes her?(New to dating, answer might be obvious)?

I've been friends with this girl for a year now and I've gotten to know her real well. So a week ago I told her I liked her. She smiled, hugged me and said "thank you, I'll keep that in mind." At that point I knew she wasn't interested. We've have hung out a couple times since then and I feel like she's showing "signs" that she's interested. Things that didn't happen before my confession. For example, playing with her hair when we're talking, touching me a lot more and telling me to try braiding her hair. Wouldn't a girl try limiting contact with someone who she knew liked her, when she didn't feel the same way? Not like cut off contact all together but like not hangout as much. We didn't hangout much before all this, by ourselves, usually with a group of friends. I don't know, I'm probably over thinking this. At the end, I still wanna be friends with her because she's a really nice person.

I talked to her and she said,"I've been talking to someone else for a while now, and want to see where that goes, other wise I would have probably gone out with you." And that "your timing to tell how you felt, was wrong".
My question is, do I stay as a friend and see where things go for her with the other guy? Or
just move on and still be friends?
I want to stay friends either way.


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  • Well it depends on the case, the girl seems cool about it so yes she would still hang out with you. She could be flirting with you or just being herself, I mean every girl like to be played in the hair.. Sometimes and very often if people already are good friends and are attracted if one admits having feelings, the other usually ends up developing the same feelings. I mean it could go both ways, you'll just have to wait and see! Good luck!

    • Yea, I'm stuck feeling the same way, because this could go either way, so I'm confused.
      Thanks for the help.

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  • Sounds like friendzone to me. Seems like she is hanging out with you because she can. Keep the friendship but I would suggest keep dating other people.

    • I'm definitely keep the friendship, either way. Thanks for the help.

  • Ask her about her feelings. You should talk face to face. This description seems like she likes you too.


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  • Yes, happened to me, she said no but we're still good friends and it isn't awkward when we see eachothe but then again i don't see her all that often anyway.

    • Yea some people are worth more to you as friends, rather than being your significant other.
      Thanks for the comment.

    • Your welcome. Hope you sort everything out 😊