How do I become more agressive in dating?

I'm social and pretty well known at my uni and have a lot of friends. A lot of girls talk to me and approach me and flirt with me. No one knows im a virgin, never kissed a girl, and never put my hands on a girl minus a few girl who always want to hug me on campus. I want to get over this and be a little more flirty and agressive and hopefully get layed. Literally the most I've done with a girl is hold a girls hand and fall asleep on the couch with her and I was too shy to talk to her again.



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  • Push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

    • I've tried to but I'm just nervous I don't know its weird the biggest move I've made on a girl is tell her she's beautiful and I would like to get to know her better then have her my number. I see other guys who are comfortable with playing grab ass and flirting but its not me. I'm naturally they type of person who likes to talk and I'm scared of offending a girl by ever touching her.

    • I've had a girl who told me to touch her ass and I didn't want to and she walked up to me hugged me and put my hands on her ass and I pulled away.

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  • First, the past tense of the verb lay (the correct verb is lie, only chickens lay) is laid, not layed (which is a non word that does not exist).
    To dating: relax and let it happen. You need to appear to be confident. Women are attracted to confidence. You appear to have no difficulty interacting with females, so you are already half way there. When you begin to see one particular girl regularly, do not be in a hurry to progress to sex. Be sensitive to what she is comfortable with, women need that. Never try to go past what the girl wants. At the correct time, she will want to feel you insde her. Without appearing to be weak or lacking in confidence, you need to let the female set the pace. When you kiss her, the way that she returns the kiss (or not), embraces you, moulds her body against you and perhaps even presses her thigh against your crotch to find out whether or not you have an erection will tell you how far she wants to go.

    • I don't with girls i m nkt interested in. Well with girls I liked its tough like I've had girls I liked show interest and every time they approached me I went I into a shell and became so shy.

  • look up David Wygant or Johnny Berba

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