How to make a move on really good friend!!!

We've been like best friends for 3 years and i've liked her since June (its December now...) and we both kind of flirt with each other and i don't know how to make my move!!!

Asking for suggestions on how to ask my girl!!


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  • okay, ask her who her crush is, if she doesn't tell you and doesn't want to and then she tries to flip the question around to ask you, there is a drfinate 50/50 chance sshe likes you, the other 50 u might not like to or etc . if she won't tell u, tell her to atlease describe him. if she still doesn't then its like a 75/15 chance. Please, if this doesn't work and im wrong im sorry. But this is how guys try n get it out of me when i like them so its kinda a personal experience for me. But hey! Goodluck! and if it doesn't work out, make sure she's okay with you two forgetting about it and staying friends. GOODLUCCKKKK 😊😊


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  • Hmmm take her someone you know she will love. Have you asked her on a date? U could say 'hey we've never been on a real date and I would really like to take you out? And let's just see what happens'

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    • Great! Thanks for the help, i will let you know if i have any questions!

    • Sure thang. Bon chance!

  • Take her to a place you know she'll like. If you don't want to be to obvious about it being a date, invite her to a concert or baseball game or something exciting going on at the moment. Then if she seems to enjoy it, and isn't hiding behind crossed arms or turned away, wait for the right moment and maybe make the move. If you're lucky, she might be brave enough to do it first.


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