My Boyfriend is Bipolar?

My boyfriend is bipolar and its getting to the point I can't calm him down. Lets make this clear he has NEVER hurt me or any of our pets. He does get mad and hit the pole on our front porch and he has to go for a walk to calm down and for his mood to change. I need advice on stuff that can help calm him and bring him back to his normal mood. We are unable to talk out our relationship issues without needing to go for a walk. What are ways I can talk this out without making him mad. Who else is bipolar or dating someone who is. Can relationships work or is it always going to be a struggle?

Ok Thank you. I will try to get him to go again.


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  • i am bipolar O_O
    i dealt with the changes by meditating, i know it sounds simple... and it is.
    i can only speak from personal experience, but i meditate for around an hour a day, it helps keep the peace between the two sides warring in my noggin.
    but best advice i can give, is encourage him to find help for it. :3

    • He has seen a Dr. for it but the medicine they put him on didn't work. After the first medicine he has refused to try another or even go back to the Dr.

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    • to be honest with you, i don't know about weeds effect on bipolar :/
      but i think it will be putting a band-aid over a huge wound, unless seen to properly can go wrong.
      what happens if he wants to move states or goes traveling and weed ain't legal there?
      i think his best bet would be to see a doc, get their opinion on the matter

    • LoL I clicked on the wrong button and did a update... Well thank you and I will see if I can get him to go again.

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  • Does he take medication?

    • He tried one and it didn't help he now refused to see the Dr. and try another medicine. I do live in a state with Medical Marijuana and he is trying to get that. I'm not sure if that will help a lot or not at all.

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    • ok Thank you. I will talk with him and see If I can get him to go.

    • You're welcome. :) I hope everything works out.

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