Am I being immature? Or does he need to grow up?

I'm 16... Born in 98 & my boyfriend is 20 born in 94, my parents are 100% fine with it.

I have been dating this man , on and off for 2 years.. I'm a lot more "mature" than most girls my age, Im graduating early & have the mindset of a 20 year old ( from being raised in a household of girls 20+ years of age) anyways, my boyfriend & I recently got into a fight and he is telling me how I'm putting to much pressure on him and all this.. Now, this weekend.. We were gonna spend the night at my sisters on Saturday night because my family was having a party on Sunday afternoon... & my boyfriend lives an hour and a half away Now, 12 am comes & I haven't heard anything from my boyfriend for him to call me at 2am drunk, telling me how much he loves me and that he misses me & I got mad... Am I wrong for being mad? Because he told me he was coming to end up blowing me off for family that he hates? Like absolutely hates and is constantly fighting with? Keep in mind , I was dating his cousin ( the one who had the party) & my boyfriend took me away from his cousin? Who is in the wrong here? Cause now my " boyfriend" is ignoring me and told me I'm to immature? I'm at my breaking point and don't even want to be with him anymore. he says I'm putting to much pressure on him because When he comes over, I tell my mom he's coming?

I have never reacted like this over anything, he cheated on me about a year ago with 2 girls in the same night & still talks to the females and I never got this mad... Should I just leave him?

His cousin lives maybe 5 minutes from me too btw!


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  • I think that your boyfriend should breakup with you, cuz you are so over-reacting over him about an unnecessary thing.

    I guess, he is so pissed off because of you, and thats why he is ignoring you.

    First of all, As a 20 year old guy I would never date a girl who is under 18 or still immature.


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  • Well, if you're considering breaking up with a guy, because he fucked up once, perhaps you shouldn't be in a relationship in the first place.

    I love it when teenagers claim to be mature, it's bloody hilarious.

    The fact that you had an "on and off" relationship tells me you are FAR from mature.

    I can understand getting upset over him not coming over as he said, but your reasoning is that of a teenage girl, not a mature adult. And if you're gonna tell me this wasn't his first time blowing you off to get pissed... well, that erases the whole "I'm mature like a 20 year old", since you picked a shitty partner and stayed with him for so long.

    Gotta love 16-year-old girl logic. :'D


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  • Sounds like typical highschool BS to me. Focus on your studies and find what you're passionate about. 10 years from now you'll look back and laugh. I'm 16 as well, and attracted to guys 20-24. And a lot of females our age get shit for that.. Do what makes you happy but always put yourself first. In the end its just you.. Hope this helps.

    I hangout with family I dont want to be around, but do it any way because I know someday they will not be around anymore and I'll regret no saying how I feel.. Because angry feelings and emotions could be there for no reason.. just a thought