Why is he always FB messaging me?

This guy from college has been messaging me for four weeks now, everyday. Sometimes he sends flirty messages but most of the time he asks what I'm up to. He's always the first to send one in a morning and sometimes we message every hour or so or even every 10/5 mins. I keep letting the conversation die and he always comes up with something to ask me. We briefly spoke in person, but since we've been messaging he hasn't spoken to me or made the effort to want to meet me at college. Sometimes we've been sat behind each other and he doesn't speak and he's far from shy! Could he just want to be friends or is there anything else there?

I definitely do like him!!


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  • I will give u 1 opinion
    a guy who messages u daily never wants to be 'just friends'
    maybe he doesn't want ro be in a relationship and doesn't want to loose u either


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  • If he wanted to be friends he'd probably be more friendly in person. Do you ever try and speak to him face to face?

  • it doesn't sound like u like him so he's trying to get you to i guess


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