Do hunters like girls who hunt?

Im already a very outdoorsey kind of girl very tomboy I grew up with fishing and fourwheelers. Go karts. Horses. Hiking and climbing trees and such n such.
Naturally like most girls I love animals so I am kind of scared to shoot a deer but all my guy friends said I have to try it. Im a good shot with both bow and gun. and they want me to try. I honestly wouldn't mind id try anything once im just feeling that my very few girl habbits like loving animals would kick in.


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  • Well two guys who were hunters have had huge crushes on me. One guy, I was very close friends with. I am as far from a hunter as you can get. I hate even the thought of an animal getting hurt and when I see a dead deer, I cry a little. The guy that had the hugest crush on me would kill wild kittens for his job. He liked me. You don't need to be a hunter to have a guy like you, but I'm sure a hunter would like a girl who hunts because then they would have something in common. :)