Had an embarrassing moment on a second date, and haven't heard from him. But would this really be a deal breaker?

So I went on an awesome second date on Saturday with a guy I met on tinder. He seemed to be really into me and kept extending the date. But as we were leaving, he realized he forgot which parking garage of the mall he had parked his car in, so I offered to drive him around to help him find it. Suddenly, I needed to pee, and when I need to go, I need to GO. So I had to park my car and run back inside the mall while he waited. I came back out and the vibe was kind of different, and when we found his car he just gave me a peck on the cheek, said "hope you had fun!" and left. He hasn't texted me since, but he has been active on tinder.
It was kinda embarrassing, but if the rest of the date had gone well would this really be a deal breaker? I don't understand :(


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  • Give him space and don't freak out. Unless you peed on him or around him it shouldn't be a deal breaker. Maybe he's just trying to take things slow and doesn't want to seem too eager or too into you.


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  • Tinder eh... so he was probably thinking of laying the pipe. You just gave him a mental image of you shitting and pissing. If I just met a girl purely for sexual purposes and I get the impression she has to go poop, that's a turn off.


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