Have you ever had a person you got along with really well but never gave dating a chance?

I have known this girl for a long time. We get along really well but we cannot be really be labeled as friends for a number of reasons. Even though we have had a HUGE number of arguments and fights, we have somehow remained close and enjoy each other's company.

We have dated people during the years we have known each other. For one reason or another, it never seems to work out with the people we date and have remained single. If you saw the way we get along with each other and how we talk and tease each other, you could at least assume we are friends. When the subject of friendship got brought (or the more jokingly "you guys are gonna end up married") she gets annoyed at me, instead of being annoyed at the people who made the remark.

there's something about us that people see. When we are by ourselves we are more relaxed and nice to each other but when people are around, its like we feel the need to tease and be sarcastic to each other and have a lot of fun doing it.

My question is, have you ever had a "friendship" like this and what ended up happening?


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  • Yes I have I liked him for 2 years currently going on 3 but I have seen him date girls he has seen me date guys. I told him I liked him toward last two months before summer 2014 started. Then he confessed to me he likes/liked me too. However we decided to stay friends because he was going. To college the following new semester and him and I didn't want to ruin the great friendship we have, however we got really romantice but never were offical. Him and I are still friends and we both still like eachother but know right now we can't be anything maybe sometime in the future but currently we staying friends. =)


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  • Yeah, I have. It seems that everyone else could see something long before either of us could. It took a while for both of us to see each other as something more than a friend, but when it did, neither of us had the guts to make a move because we didn't know about each other's feelings.

    I eventually found out that he liked me back from one of his friends when he was drunk. Otherwise, we would probably still be in that limbo state to this day.

  • yes i do! and as of right now were still best friends


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