Should I ask this shy guy on a second date? I feel like I've come on too strong by making him a mix cd?

i went out on a movie date with this shy guy, but referred to it as 'hanging out.' He's never had a girlfriend before, and he's eighteen. I'm sixteen. We had been texting pretty much every day, and a few days after the date I sent a flirty text about him having a cute smile, and he never responded to it. Naturally, I took it as a bad sign and haven't texted him since. I feel like I've been giving off mixed/negative signals at work, like avoiding his gaze and always being the first to break eye contact. I don't try to start conversations because I'm shy around him. He seemed really nervous the night he came over, and was constantly fidgeting and shifting sitting positions. I made what feels like a stupid mistake... I made him a mix cd and wrote a little note, in a completely friendly fashion and gave it to him. I regret doing that. What should I do now though? I feel like I'm at a crossroads, since we are both shy. He had seemed really unsure the first time I asked to hang out with him that I was being serious. I had to reiterate that I really did want him to come over two or three times, and he even asked me to confirm it again on the day we had decided on. Should I ask him for another date or would that make me look desperate? I was thinking of asking him to go to menchies with me.


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  • Who called it 'hanging out', your or him?

    Did you talk about the movie date ag all?

    Maybe you should hit him up and say "Hey, our date last time was my suggestion, it's your turn." And leave the ball in his court.

    If he goes for it, but refuses to call it a date, let him know after that that you're interested, but you're not desperate. Say something like, "Hey, I really like you / dig you - I'd love to be dating someone like you."

    • I called it hanging out, because I didn't want to freak him out or anything by calling it a date. Yes, the day after I texted him (in my nervous babbling the night before I told him I'd text him the next day) and told him I had a really nice time, and he said he had a good time as well. If like to do that, but I'm not sure if he would go for it since he's shy.

    • You can be so shy that neither of you get around to doing anything about it - or you can plunge into it. Basically, let him know that you're no-risk for asking out. ie: You'll say yes. That's certain to help things along.

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