Does she like me too?

Well there's a girl I like and I think she likes me too just want to be sure. Ok now she knows I've liked her for a while and we've spent good time 1 on 1 with each other. I tried to kiss her once too but she turned her face so it was her cheek. Well because of work we lost contact for a while and she ended up working at a bar me her and many mutual friends always went to. I decided to go there and see if she'd approach me. Here's how she acted the 2 times i've seen her so far. Its kind of different than she used to be I don't know
1) Every time she approached me she seems nervous, but all smiley and giggly
2) Looks like some redness is there in her face
3) Kinda restless, fidgity
4) I don't even leave the table and she always approached me to talk or check on me despite the other waitresses
5) I think I noticed her and another waitress talking about me across the room
6) Some of the times she walked by its like she was nervous trying not to look at me but then she would come and bring something up and talk happily it was like an off and on thing, kinda stumped about that by the way...
7) She'd bring up doing something together again and say she needs to check her schedule to figure out when, ask if my phone # is still the same as before and that she'll call me.
But here's the thing... I haven't heard from her? I tried to contact her twice in the past two weeks but no response. Is she scared to talk to me? If so why? Why would she even give me the time of day if I creep her out.


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  • She probably liked you in the past, but has probably gotten over you. If she isn't contacting you back, then don't over-think that. She's probably just trying to be polite. If you hear a lot of "that's nice" or "aww that's sweet", those are kind of friend zone responses.


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  • Man girls are complicated creatures. How have you tried to contact her? Is she ignoring your calls?

  • From what you have laid out she seems scared of you (ie: terrified) rather than being interested. Unless she is 10, girls don't act like that around guys they like.

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