Guys if your girlfriend forgot your birthday, how would you want her to make it up to you?

Well guys what would you like your girlfriend to get you if she forgot your birthday?


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  • I would be so crushed so at least for me it would have to wait a little. after roughly 4 days depending on how much I've calmed down I say bake me a delicious lasagna.

    depending if we were having sex yet or not I would like to buy her an outfit to wear. depending on what I'm interested in at the time perhaps we can go to a sexy clothing store together while I pick out things for her to try on. another option would be Cosplay but that can get quite costly.

    • thanks for MHO. how did things work out after?

    • I don't have a boyfriend... just asking what a guy would want.

    • that's cool. sometimes I like to ask how things turned out in older questions. :)

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