Why is it so hard to find a boyfriend?

I'm a socially awkward 22 year old female looking for a boyfriend, I'm 5.5 ft, curvy, blue eyes, pixie cut tangerine colored hair (dyed). People say I'm loyal, kind, loving, odd, funny, awkward... I don't know how to describe myself.

I'm looking for preferably a bi boyfriend but I'll take straight all depends on if we like each other


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  • Do you not get approached? Then something is off with your look.

    • Lmfao what a messes up commnet lol

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    • I know you're self conscious and you lack self esteem but man the hell up. Don't blame me and try to flip the blame when I answer your question, that's not my problem it's yours. It's very insecure and childish the way you attacked me because you didn't like the answer you heard or expected. Even going as far as to attacking my penis size, lmfao. Do you wanna sit here having people pity you or do you wanna actually do something about it?

      " I don't know how people see me or how guys see me." And I just answered that for you. Your look is off. I didn't even need to see a picture to know it. Girls that are even remotely AVERAGE, get approached a lot. If you are not getting approached and having trouble getting a bf then that means something is off. That doesn't mean you are born ugly or something It means everything else is off, the vibes you give, the style, makeup, hair, etc. Things that you can change. You are the female equivalent of a basement dwelling male WoW player.

    • And uh I know you're gonna read all that and get hurt or think that I'm attacking you but really, I want you to do well. A LOOOT of people go through awkward phases in their lives. I was one of them. I was reallly really socially awkward in school and had the self esteem of dirt. It took me a while to break out from my shell. I learned how to dress better, do my hair better, talk more confidently, got fit, just became comfortable with who I was. There was no mask anymore, I become who I was supposed to become. Before I knew it, girls thought I was hot, I couldn't believe what the f was going on, I thought they were actually being sarcastic or something because never in my life did I think of myself that way. There's a lot of things you can do to make yourself look more attractive, approachable and friendly. Ask a girlfriend to give you advice or something, or your mom, I don't know what it is girls do with their eyebrows, makeup and all that jazz.

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  • Why do you prefer a bi boyfriend? I'm curious

    • I don't know really more honest and open, willing to try different things, and we can check out guys together