What things will make my crush want me more? I want him to ask me out but he is kinda shy. I need answers!!

My crush likes me but he is kinda shy. He is only shy around me alone though. So i dont know if he will ask me out. I just got out of a relationship because i like him though. I looked up a lot of things to do for a guy to like you more but i need really good advice so please help. I just dont know what will make him like me more and ask me out.


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  • why don't you ask him out?

    • Well because he has only had one girlfriend and i like it better when guys make the move

    • isn*t there anything casual you could do together? like walk home from school?

      maybe you could ask him for Christmas presents advice for your father/brother and if he comes up with ideas, ask him if he would like to come with you to the gift shop?

    • He actually asked me out a few days ago! We started hanging out more and now we are a couple :)