I can't feel any more spark to this girl I'm dating?

I've been dating this girl for almost 2 months and suddenly, I can't feel any spark anymore. I used to be nervous and excited at the same time when I talk to her, but now it's just like platonic. I don't know why this happened really.

How do I gain this spark back? Or should I just drop her?


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  • Well, imagine that you never get to see her again. It's said, we don't know what we've got until it's gone - so pretend it's gone.

    Pretend she's someone else.

    Spend some time digging deeper into her past or her anticipated future.

    Do things that build memories.

    Yes, butterflies go away. New romance cools to old romance - and you'll have to figure out how to handle that. Otherwise, you're always going to be chasing the new girl. Or, you can date bad girls, - ones who're always bringing drama and "excitement" to your life.

    • Nice. Also, I've dated bad girls before and they are draining. Won't do it again

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    • I'll take her off your hands ;)

    • Damn, you got me. The spark went on again by the way. Thanks

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  • Don't drop her


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