He wants to meet, but refuses to call me, I have to call him.

I met a guy through a dating site. I explained that I wasn't after casual sex and expected to take it slow. We've chatted for a couple weeks and finally exchanged phone numbers, he suggested it and I gave him mine immediately. I waited 2 days and he didn't call. He saw me online and explained that he didn't know if I was really ready for the step up to the phone, I told him I wouldn't have given him the number if I wasn't.

I asked if he would call me the next day, he suggested I call him right then. To be sure he knew I was ready for it, I did and it was a nice chat. Before we hung up I asked him to call me the next day, he said that since I had plans and he didn't, that I should call him when I had time.

The next evening I called and he didn't answer. No big deal. But instead of calling me back, he texted me. "hi" and that's it. So I didn't call him or reply. Today, he texted me "hi" again. I replied "hi" and then hours later I got back, "how are u?"

What's going on here? Am I supposed to chase him? If so, I don't think I'm that interested. I'm willing to meet him halfway, but I think it's strange that I have to be the one doing the calling.


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  • Dont you love dating games? haha Well in the very beginning you said you wanted to take things slow. Sounds like that's what he is doing and feeding off of now. If you like him you should tell him you enjoy speaking with him on the phone better then texts. Texting creates confusion.. Id say the guy likes you if he has been texting you and you guys have been chatting. He's probably been thinking.. do I text? should I call? should I wait a couple hours and not seem so interested haha. All possibilities. Who knows? Or just tell him to man up and say your a cool girl that should be given the respect of receiving the phone call. I mean basically you either got a good guy that's kinda shy and wants to see where your interest is at. Or you have an ego maniac prick. I'd say he's probably a good dude that likes you and doesn't want to blow it if you met him on a dating site.

  • I feel like this could be the beginnings of a scam. As much as dating sites are becoming more and more accepted they're still targets of scammers with all manner of elaborate hoaxes. Attempt a text conversation then ask him to call you one more time if he doesnt. walk away, if he texts after that block or ignore them and move on.

    • I'm pretty sure he's not a scammer, though it's possible. He talked about me coming to his house for a movie marathon when we'd only talked for maybe 2 hours. I put the brakes on him really quickly. He's still been really flirty, offering massages,etc. and definitely wanting to meet --- which makes it even stranger to me that he's making ME do all the calling.

      I wonder if he's just THAT shy, but if that's the case, I'm not the girl for him.

    • He's out going enough to joining a dating site and then talks to you for hours on end but when it comes time for him to call you he wont?

      ...something smells fishy.

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