Please What should I do girl problem?

Hey i am in a pickle i like two girls. Girl number one is a little younger than me and works with me i knew her ence high school and its just like old times again but i want to farther our relationship only thing is girls number two. Number two is also a girl i knew from high school when to promm with and all that but now we have been talking more and even when on a date or two and in confused. Because these two girls are best friends so i dont know how to go on dates with both or should i stop seeing the other or should i just start seeing irl number one.(sorry for the confusion) But i would love a response

love your friendly
neighborhood spider-man


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  • yikes! and do those two best friends know that you are seeing them both?


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  • It sound like you're already dating number two. Just see what happens.


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  • okay, here's some pros and cons

    Date Both - They find out, you get dumped twice, two more people who you have to avoid

    Date none - spend months regretting that decision then move on with your life

    The solution here is to date only one girl, the other won't care as long as you haven't dug too deep already, just concentrate on one and friend zone the other. Context is vague but I would suggest you date girl 2 since you mentioned you went on a couple dates with her already and leave girl 1 as your workmate because if girl 1 doesn't work out then work would be awkward.

    Love from your
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