Perspective and advice needed on my relationship with this girl?

I met this girl at uni around 6 months ago, we met as we were in the same class and ended up doing group work together, over that time I've grown to like her quite a bit.
And so I asked her out pretty last moment at the last class we had and she agreed (coffee). Unfortunately this was probably the worst time to ask as we both had a tonne of assignments and exams to study for which meant that the first date held off for around a month but finally we finish everything and go on a date.
I would have to say honestly the date was pretty average feeling (I'm not very experienced so i don't have much to compare it to) We talked about stuff like family, jobs and somehow managed to get to time travel (sorta forgot how we got there lol) but I wouldn't exactly say there was a spark. I did complement her a couple times and she smiled and said thanks. Then the date finished, we hugged and she went off to work. People tell me first dates don't have to have sparks and some are even really awkward but people still find relationships

Later that day she thanked me for the drink and I told her it was my pleasure. Then I asked her out for a second date after she gets back from a holiday (she went on the holiday the following week) and she replies with "Yeah maybe, we'll see when i get back :)"

I'd like to know what this means, does she like me? is that a yes or no? should I persist on asking her out?
Being so close to Christmas and new year when she comes back I don't think I can ask her out until next year because she'll want to spend time with family

If we do go on a second date I plan to tell her upfront and honestly that I like her and that she is an amazing person because all this dating stuff and chasing is real hard and I much enjoy being straightforward

anyway thanks in advanced for your opinion


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  • K from words I can't really explain or totally understand.

    What was her tone when she told you?
    Maybe she just doesn't know if she has time?
    Not sure about you?

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