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So I've been talking to this guy I meet on tinder I think he seems so sweet and he likes me also we'll he lives about 30 mins away from me and he wants me to come hang out with him and I want to but I feel like I shouldn't hang out at his house I feel like it should be somewhere public but I don't really have much money to spend on things so it's hard to think of things to do that don't cost much money. Any thought in things to do or even conversation ideas to help break the ice?


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  • tell him to come down to where you live
    im sure there must be one decent joint there?
    dont go there its too dangerous n second his place means he controls the situation and we men know how to lay a woman if she's on our turf (im not saying rape its just that when we are at our place we more natural and seem appealing lol)

    • I would do that but he doesn't have his license yet so he couldn't come up here and if I still did that I would have to drive to get him drive back and then back again

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    • Okay thanks but you don't think he could be a creeper I mean I know it's always a possibility

    • thats why im saying call him to you, lol. yr turf means your rules and u know it better then him

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  • You realize that "coming over to hang out" means come over to have sex right? That's what tinder is for anyways.

  • Coffee or ice cream! Bowling is usually pretty affordable too


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