If a really confident guy didn't make a move on you, would you assume he's not interested?

If a guy that seems really confident kinda hinted he was into you but didn't make a move, would you assume he's not interested because he seems like he's really confident?


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  • If he is this 'Really confident guy,' NateInAk, could be I am right in possibly assuming he is an older guy in school? In this case, just to throw something else out here, dear, with you being younger, he may 'Kinda hinted he was into you,' but won't 'Make a move' because of his reputation and the fact that it might tarnish everything he represents.
    And if he is your age, is all high and mighty about himself, if he feels you Might be out of his league a little, he won't take the initiative to show anymore than a bit of flirting and leave it at that.
    Good luck. xx

    • Actually, I was talking about myself haha

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    • No prob @Paris13 you're the only one with an answer that made me laugh aloud when I read it :)

    • lol... Thanks, sweetie... fun with my pun.. Happy holidays.:)) xxoo

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  • I'm actually in this exact situation right now and it just makes me feel unsure about everything, like if he is interested why wouldn't he make a move or is he testing me? Or is he waiting for me to make a move ir is he simply not that interested? But pls tell me the answer!!!

    • I don't know haha
      I like this girl, but I'm too shy around her to tell her, but I'm really confident everywhere else usually, student gov president, public speaker, play sports and stuff, so I'm afraid she'll just decide I don't like her

  • Probably there is a guy at my school who is popular and confident he always looks my ways and all but hasn't made a move so I don't know if he's interested in me or not, but U. S. girls are oblivious and if girls aren't popular and are inexperience like me then on natural instinct we just assume what we think which is that the guy doesn't like us.

    Sorry if that didn't make sense but I hope it helped

  • Yes he is confidant so why hasn't he made a move

  • I really liked a guy who seems confident, he is lead singer in a rock band, almost 30yo, has tons of girls around him all the time, he's also a doctor.

    I once casually asked if he wanted to drink a shot together. He accepted but then he immediately went back to his guys, but ever since I always saw him checking me out from a distance, he's sometimes also kiss me on the cheeks when he saw me. So I wrongfully assumed he was interested but fore some reason didn't make a move.

    Turns out he wasn't interested, if I only knew that earlier, it would have saved me a lot of heartache


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