How do I tell him I have a boyfriend and don't want to go to the cinema with him?

This guy has asked me out again. Last time I went out with him as friends and I didn't mention I had a boyfriend because it's only early days with my boyfriend so I don't want everyone to know right now.
This guy obviously saw it as a date even though it wasn't and has asked me to go the cinema with him.

How do I solve this situation? He's a good guy and I don't want to hurt him


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  • "oh my BF watched that movie and said it was amazing!"

    • Haha :P that would probably be pretty harsh though haha. Any gentler ways of putting it out there?

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    • Thank you. :( this situation sucks. I hate hurting people, especially people I like.

    • it must be done! muwahahaa! hahaa well you know the right thing to do. you can duu eet! and TY :)

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  • "I'll ask my BF if it's OK"

  • Well, there's really no way around letting him know that you're unavailable (unless you're planning on breaking up with your current boyfriend), so it's probably better to do so sooner rather than later. Straightforward, but gentle, is usually the best.

    • Reconsidering... since you don't want to tell anyone about your developing relationship with your current boyfriend, you might try to do the subtle hint approach -- as @meatballs21 said, be busy, etc. If he doesn't take the hint, you'll probably need to be more direct.

      You really don't need excuses to not be romantically interested in someone, though I do understand you're not trying to get this guy out of your life or hurt him, just sort things out.

    • Thanks :)

  • Be 'busy' until such time as you're able to tell him you have a boyfriend.


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  • "I liked it the last time, but you should know I have a boyfriend. So yeah, I can't go to the cinema. Hope you understand'

    Maybe something like that?

    • Thanks. This sounds good too :-)

  • Tell him honestly

    • How though? :-/

    • I have a bf. I love him and blablabla