I wanted to believe his reasons but now I'm hurt, how do I get over him?

I was with this guy for over a month, he broke it off telling me it was because he wasn't ready for a relationship because of issues with his son and ex, he still was talking to me after and we ended up hooking up 3 times in 2 months him still telling me he didn't want commitment atm. I wanted to believe him yet 2 months after he ended it and probably not even a week after we last hooked up he text me and told me he's with someone else in a short blunt text. This was only a day after I told him I liked him more than just for sex and wanted more even tho he didn't. I'm so hurt as I stupidly held on to hope he might change his mind and now I feel like I wasn't good enough and that he's was always looking for someone better. How do I stop feeling like it's my fault he didn't want me but wanted someone else? I wanted to believe his reasons


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  • I think 1 sentence in your question says a lot: he told it to you in a short blunt text... that really means he's the problem! Who knows how long he'll be with his new girl if he treats her like that as well... or who knows what his ex could tell you!
    My feeling says your initial uncertainty will quickly faint and you'll soon go out looking for a guy who REALLY loves you :-)

  • He's was two-timing you. You were the piece on the side. Sorry to break the harsh reality, but that's it. Move on, you're young and there are so many more decent men out there.


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