Muslim girls: Would you date a guys of a different culture?

I've got a crush on this Muslim girl. I know she is Muslim because she wears a hijab and is away for Friday prayers. Anyway I think she has a cute personality. I don't know any girls who date inter racially/culture/religion. I just wanted to know if I have any chance at alo

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  • I would like to answer but the question makes no sense.. If its about being Muslim and dating out of Islam then No I cannot date another because his way of life would contradict mine.

    But you mention Culture, what culture is this? Religion and culture are two different things

    • Culture as in way of life. Out of curiosity, What if a guy was willing to convert?

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    • Thanks for the advice :D. I'm thinking that a friendship at the very least is good here. I know a little about Islam but I'm willing to lean more and hopefully amongst the many things we will take about she'll enlighten me about her faith :D

    • You. seem like a great guy and I wish you all the best with this and in life.. just remember if things don't work out completely (Allah knows best) Never let anything or anyone change your view of Islam.. its beautiful and perfect. I reverted 5 years ago and I will never turn back.

      Salaam (peace)

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  • That is very nice of you to think of her in such a way. Muslim girls don't usually date/marry outside the Muslim FAITH, but yea we do date people from CULTURES so like, whatever nationality as long as they are Muslim :)
    You should look into te religion I'm sure you will fall inlove with it, maybe I'll become. Muslim yourself and make it a lot easier for the both of you :)

    • Thanks for the kind words

  • Wow my dad's Turkish so he's Muslim but it doesn't matter for my mom. They're the cutest couple i've ever seen 💑

    • P. s: so i mean it doesn't matter difference between you and your crush even if you love each other

  • Which culture? I wouldn't date someone that isn't Muslim.

    • Culture as in way of life. Why wouldn't you date someone who wasn't Muslim?

  • No because first of all, the guy has to be muslim or the parents won't approve. if I did date them, it would only be for fun and passing time.

    • Yeah. You would date them though. Even if for dun?

    • Just for fun. And when things start to get serious then I have to leave because I know that it's never going to be anything more than that

    • Kinda sucks, but that's life sometimes

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