Beautiful girls are ignored, when it comes to dating?

do you think really attractive girls, who get stares and compliments.
Or just stares without approaching are intimidating for guys?
for Plain Janes is more easy to find a boyfriend, why there are plenty of really attractive Single girls?

your opinions:girls and boys.


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  • Every woman falls into at least one of the following categories:

    Married/committed relationship
    Has an STD/STI

    And no, that's not chauvinism. It's a damn fact.

    There is something fundamentally wrong with every chick, just like there's something fundamentally wrong with every dude.
    Me personally, I'm a brutally honest asshole. I call it how I see it and I could not possibly care what people think.

    The most horrific truth is better than any kind of lie. -GreaseMonkey68


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  • I think there is absolutely no truth to the idea that beautiful girls get ignored. otherwise no beautiful girl would ever be in a relationship. and the "plain janes" as you put it wouldn't feel pressure to wear makeup, get plastic surgery and the beautiful ones would be finding ways to look less beautiful

  • I think it's true, and I've seen it myself. Guys think that the most attractive girl is gonna have a boyfriend, because she is liked by more men, so more probabilities of having a boyfriend. Many won't approach her because they think that.
    They also think she's out of their league, so why bother.

    I think this is the biggest problem for beautiful girls, and I think it may also apply to very attractive men.

  • It could just be that they've got their body language and eye contact wrong.
    They can't just rely on good looks alone. That would get them nowhere, if the body language is wrong.

    I've watched girls in a bar sometimes, and thought "They're either not interested in picking up men, or they're very bad at it".

  • Girls who (think they) are really attractive aren't ignored - the ones that aren't approached are giving off a bad vibe. "Plain Jane" as you put it, probably has more personality than a piece of toast. The reason there's so many? well they're all trying to impress and compete with eacohter over the small pool of idealised superhot guys they think is the one for them, instead of developing interests and becoming better people.

  • I agree. If you are a ten then you will have attention from eights to tens if you are a six u will get attention from fours to eights may e even three and nines. Your pickings will just be broder

    • do you think if 8-10 guys are usually showing signs they're interested it's because girl is the same "rate"?
      don't these guys go or plain janes?

    • They can go for both. It depends on the guy and women in women. If a twenty two year old eight likes s twenty two year old ten. He will be competing with thirty five year old doctors and stuff. He will probably be just getting by. Its weird late teens money doesn't seem to matter but early to mid twenties it seems like it does

  • Guys are intimidated. They figure a beautiful girl is out of their league, or even if she says yes, she'll be at risk of going off with an even better guy because she's fit but my gosh don't she know it.

    • why she will be at risk?

    • Because she knows how beautiful she is and can pick and choose which guy she goes out with. She'll go out with you until she finds someone richer/hotter/better.

  • There's something about that indimidatin that I live for. Big rewarding yes or the risky likely devastating no.

    Hard part about beauties is they employ their friends to scout men. You have to appeal to everyone.

    Then your friends want you to hook them up with on of their friends. Complicated chases.

    • The trick is befriend a hot girl and show masculine attributes. Then you gain approval and that opens up a door to other babes.

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  • I think it has to do more with compatibility. also i don't think anyone likes plain janes

    • i see plain janes with boyfriends all the time.

    • they must be likeable people then , but i don't like plain janes and I'm bi

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