GUYS does he find me annoying hence trying to be nice or is he SHY? EXPLAIN?

talking to this guy can be very difficult because he gets really quiet and i start feeling im bothering him. he rarely asks me anything on his own, mostly just whatever i ask him and he starts playing with his phone. hence our conversations quickly get awkward and quiet. He also runs away/avoids me at times and its so obvious. then the rare times he smiles at me or says hi on his own, and even sits with me on the bus. i dont know if he's shy because I've seen his instagram profile and the pics he has with girls make me think otherwise. I've seen him actually interacting with girls too and he seems more 'himself'. also during our conversations he a lot of times 'acts' like he has no idea what im talking about though i know he does - or won't tell me what he did/or is doing on the weekend or something but suddenly starts questioning me when my plans come up.

recently he was behind me in the bus line but i decided to skip the bus so he didn't have to feel pressured to talk to me. a couple a days ago he was behind me again, but this time we looked at eachother and smiled, i was going to skip the bus again but he came up to me and said lets go in so i did. before the ride ended he asked me if i was going to skip the bus, i said yes and made up a reason - does he think im trying to avoid him or something?

ps we both are 20 i know hard to believe


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  • It almost sounds like y'all aren't compatible in some way, like maybe he's interested in things you aren't. I've done that with very extroverted, live-in-the-moment girls I've met. I'm very cerebral and like to have serious conversations about a wide range of things, and that wasn't how they interacted with others. Because of this difference, I would just be very polite but not offer much when talking to them. It all just felt very awkward because I didn't think they'd get me if I actually opened up to them.


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  • Well it's hard to tell to be honest. First off I think it'd be rather rude to avoid someone or play with your phone when talking to someone. It indicates a certain uninterest. Though you said he asked you to get in to bus. I'd say maybe he wants to be friends nothing more?

    I'd say either leave the conversation initiating to him or ask him what his deal is.

    Good luck!

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