Total F up with texting mishap?

My ex and I are not together but still are in touch I was kidding around with this other guy I met and sent a text saying no afternoon delight today since you out of town - well it went to my ex! My phone screwed up and kept shutting off so I saw my new friends text about lunch and sent mine not even noticing that it went to ex. His response Text 1 "how nice" Text 2 "Woops guess u f'd that one up thats ok I have a lunch date" I was mortified can't lie my way out either so I said "yep I was flirting! glad you have a date guess thats why you didn't seem thrilled for me to come and see you. I haven't slept with anyone but you since you I wanted you but from your response you didn't. You should of just said move on "K" im not interested anymore and you flirt all the time- I hope the bitch chokes on her lunch" How bad did I screw up guys?

We had just talked Monday about getting together but he was very vague about it. So thats why I said he didn't seem thrilled for me to visit him. Someone told me this was good in the fact that now I will know for sure if we are done as I wasn't certain.


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  • seems like your guy has a sense of humor, just let it slide. You seem to be the only one beating yourself up. or am i reading this wrong.. did you tell him that you hope the bitch chokes on her lunch?

    • :( yes I did - I know that was BAD

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    • welcome, and thats the spirit. go flirt lol

    • thanks for the vote

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  • I would have left it at "ok cool" after the second text (if anything). But I'm not much for drama.


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  • You gave your "EX" a run for his money now, sweetie, and by doing this, will show him you are Not sitting home pushing buttons on your end all day for him.
    You may now be this juiciest apple up at the top of the tree to grab now, more of a chase... never mind his 'Vague' about anything you do. If he wants you to be His Only and not some other man's 'Bitch,' then he should have gotten in good when the going was good... meaning, a possible reconnection, a compromise.
    You snooze you lose, as the old saying goes. He barked up the wrong tree by thinking that you were just going to sit on his door mat, Waiting for him to tell you "I wanted you."
    Let sleeping dogs lie for now. Eventually, he will most likely cool down, put his puppy tail between his legs and crawl back again. He knows you both don't have any ties so let him sulk and suffer some, he'll be crawling back on all fours, trying to lick your hand again.
    If given a chance, tell him to put his money where his mouth is and to start walking the line a little.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks! I'm too old to be sitting around waitng for anyone. If he's not in it to win it then I am looking for the man that is! Damn phone tho! I'm going out and getting a new one today

    • lol... you are so welcome... I love your Moves with both.:)) xxoo

    • I disagree, I personally would move on. Just a guys opinion though

  • I'm highly confused, but your phone is sabotaging you :c