does this mean anything at all?

I really like this guy.. and Lately, I've started making it more obvious I like him and I'm pretty sure he knows.. Anyways,. nowadays I've noticed he looks at me a lot, and me make eye contact a lot. My friends have told me they've seen him look at me when I wasn't looking.. We were in the library today and he went to sit at a table with his friends and I was sitting with my friend. And he sat sideways so like he was sorta facing my direction and he would keep turning and looking a lot. I don't know if he's attracted to me or not? .
Also, should I message him on Facebook or something? I'm kinda shy and I don't know if I'll be able to talk in person


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  • Broken record time: "if you like him, and he has yet to ask you out... You should tell him how you feel and ask him out."


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  • The writing is on the wall, although doesn't have to be etched in stone, sweetie, that this Sweetie is Into you and with This-----Nowadays I've noticed he looks at me a lot...
    If you both are on Facebook together, then it's time to use the handy dandy cit chat box that is readily available to you to get to know someone a little more and to become better friends. It's a smart move, more private and with all the looks you are giving one another, I don't think on This you would have a loss for words.
    Just talk about school, his interests, your interests and let the beguine begin where perhaps even in school, you could start up more convo and maybe more down the row.
    Good luck. xx