She says she likes me but not ready for a relationship. What should I do?

I've been talking to this girl for just over a month. This weekend we finally went out. We had a really nice time and we ended up spending the night together. The following day we spoke by text a lot. We spoke about seeing each other again.

Then from nowhere she sent me this message. "you're gorgeous and I like you but I'm not ready for a relationship".

A part me thinks this is her way of letting me down gently. However the way we were together makes me really believe she likes me. She asked me out, she kissed me first, she asked me back to hers and in the morning she was cuddling up to me in bed a kissing me.

I really like this girl. I can't stop thinking about her during the day. If there is a 1% chance something could happen. I do not want it give up.

Any thoughts on what I should do next?


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  • Keep her in the back of your memory and if she calls and changes her mind great, but I hope you won't turn down potential fantastic women because you're waiting around for her. If someone really likes another person they will make an effort and won't second guess their choice ( in my opinion ). :)


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  • Stop waiting. What if she'll never be ready for a relationship? Move on.

  • She may like you, enjoy your company, Loki, however, she is being this Honest John by telling you That-----I'm not ready for a relationship.
    I admire her straight arrow frankness right off the bat so there are making no bones about it. She doesn't want you to wear your heart on your sleeve and to just be lite and semi sweet with keeping it simple as sand.
    She is not ready nor raring to be in a Real relationship right now. Something may have happened in her past that has left a sour ball in her mouth.
    The best kinds of relationships start out slow, are nursed and nurtured and in time are able to be judged as in what direction they may lead to. And if old Mother Nature wants the seeds to be planted further, she will then reap them into a ripe ol romance down the romance row.
    It's your choice, your call if you want to stick around. You have been warned so it's all in your court as to how to play ball with her now.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • Just move one.

    • Hey man. Through my personal experience the best thing you can do here is to just back off. It sounds like she definitely likes you from what you say, which is good, and I am sure that probably confuses you a bit. But for whatever her reason is, she just isn't looking for a relationship right now. Which leaves you at a crucial point here. If you smother her and don't back off then you will likely ruin any chance you have in the future.

      So I would either A. keep seeing her casually, keep it relatively simple and not too frequent and not initiate too many bf/gf type things. And just see where things go on that front. Or B. If you feel like option A would set you up for heartache then I would just stop seeing her altogether.

      Whatever you do just definitely don't push the issue, that will ruin absolutely everything. Hope this helps my friend best of luck with it.

    • Agreed. Id just drop her and let her initiate everything and only accept if u got nothing better to do

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