Was he mad or just want to break up?

My date supposed spend birthday night with me on Monday. But he worked up late , so he couldn't make it.
after he said he stuck in work he asked me if we can have a proper dinner yesterday instead right away.
I had plans and and also feels a little bit upset since he knows it was my birthday I expecting to see him but still blow me off.
so i answered it fine , i have plans.

then after one hour i think it not his fault , and he wants to make it up to me , so i text again said i may free after 9, and i will let him know.

but he did not return my text and phone calls since then.
I know he wan't busy or lost his phone.100% sure he just simply ignore me.

he never like this before, and last time we meet was still sweet and romantic.

I am not sure he doing this because he get mad because i reject his offer or just want to end it with me?

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  • If you're dating and presumably you aren't in a relationship then how can he break up with you when there was nothing to break away from in the first place?

    He got stuck at work (as many of us do) it was an unfortunate incident that coincidentally happened on your Birthday and he couldn't make it. It sucks but it does happen and he wanted to make it up to you but you were rude to him and he probably feels upset about your text and either needs a few days to cool off or he's finished with you and is moving on with his life.

    • I know it was not a good answer when he offered see me yesterday. But he knows that was my birthday and he work as freelance , so he have the choice not working. : ( so i feel upset and did not even think. but when I did text him right after i will let him know if i can change plans with friends and see him after.

      how can i know he cool off or already decided ended.
      so far not return text or call back. So i guess moved on?

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    • Yes , that sucks , I know it not a good attitude but i were the one who get blow off on my birthday. : ( hmmm, that might be even worst since i may the girl get dumped on her birthday. haha.
      I did decide to move on. And i were cried yesterday when i m forcing myself giving up. The reason i ask because i like to know if it was my fault , and even this failed but i like to change and improve myself make sure things like this won't be repeat.
      it not that ok lose him since i am really into him , but i am a big girl so i will be ok. just wish

    • Next time try and subdue your disappointment and not be rude unless the person has done something that warrants rudeness in return.

      However this guy doesn't seem all that into you if he's letting one rude text message offend him so much that he's decided to move on, so you're probably best off without someone like him.

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  • maybe he is doing somethinng to surprise you and wants you to think he is gone when he is really making up plans to make it upto for not showing up at cake day

    • haha you are romantic. No. that did not happen. and that is not his style.
      He is pissed and ignore me for sure.
      I simply just don't know either he is mad at me. or just wanna break up.

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    • well i really dont know how you two are together considering how he is and how you are but i guess he will reply when he deems fit
      or you can call him to check what is cooking in his head

    • hahaha I cannot imagine either...
      and i try to talk about before but every time when we meet we were so sweet and nice. so just forget about that just be happy.
      and we both indirectly person. this sucks.
      anyway thank you for your time and answers. I will try become less this difficult. haha

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  • Dakraziest is an energy vampire and liar. He'll try to be your friend and want your picture so he can backstab u and take ur energy. Beware of him and stay far away total sicko

    • woowww. it takes couple mins to understand u since i did not even see his name. hahaha
      well , thanks . i won'r show my pics to any strangers here