Should I Give up on this girl?

I walked up to my crush today and we started walking together I first said hey and she looked at me with a half smile/half straight face. Then I told her that she looked cute today and she looked forward with a straight face. The only positive I guess is that when I said something else to her she looked at me and had this really big smile on her face. I noticed almost every time she is conversating with me she is always smiling. And no not the "normal smile" most girls give you anyway but like a big sparkling smile. As far as additional info I think she was staring at me today but normally she doesn't stare that much and often times her friends will look and glance at me with blank faces when I'm around her. Anyway my main concern is when I flirted with her she didn't smile or flirt back at that time. If a girl doesn't blush or flirt back should you forget it & move on? P. S. I'm considering asking her for her number on Friday .


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  • She might not know how to flirt. My version of flirting is creeper staring at someone until they get uncomfortable enough to walk away, then fist pumping, yelling "nailed it!" and wondering why they didn't ask for my number later... It generally doesn't work. As for the looking forward thing, she might not kow how to accept a compliment. My general response to compliments is either:
    Male: You look cute today
    Male: Uhh...*awkwardly backs away*
    Me: *Fist pumps* nailed it!
    or looking awkwardly at the ground and saying something like Yes I am?
    So she might just be an awkward person and not know how to flirt. There's always hope!


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  • I've dealt with mixed signals so many times. I get it, some girls can be moody sometimes. If I really like her and I'm wanting to advance things, like firstly getting the number. I'll flirt with her, and if she gives a good signal, I'll go for the number. If she doesn't then I won't. If I get about 3 negative signals in a row, I usually give up. If she comes back with positive signals, it's up to her to put effort in and chase me, but I don't usually give in.

    • True, but what are some good negative signs?

    • If she doesn't flirt back when you flirt with her. If she doesn't seem excited or happy to talk to you, especially if she seems more excited when she talks to her friends. When she doesn't look at you, or doesn't really acknowledge your existence. When she doesn't want you to help her with anything. Those are some signals that I can think of that would mean she isn't interested in you.

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