He told me to get over him?

This is a long story but I'm gonna try to make it short as possible
Over the summer me and my best guy friend became even closer than usual
We had sex one night and after that night we decided to become friends with benefits (friends with benefits)
And we both knew that we would get feelings for each other and we both did
But my feelings are more "extreme" then his, more like I like him a lot more than he likes him... He makes my heart skip a beat and he makes me nervous around him like the good kind of nervous and I have so many feelings for him I can't explain and I know those feelings are not just because of the sex, I used to like him before we had sex but I some what got over those feelings.
And now like 6 months later
Those feelings grew more and more

Ok so now to where my question comes in...

Since we were just friends with benefits
We both could get boyfriends/girlfriends
And if they break up with us
We would start friends with benefits over agian
And right now he has a girlfriend
And I've been feeling really down about it
He knows how I feel about him
He said he likes me but I just don't know if that's true
I also know he's not using me or playing me

So... Last night we were texting each other about everything
It sort of turned into an argument but then everything cooled down
And he told me I should get over him

But i don't know what to do
Every ounce of fiber in me is telling me I shouldn't get over him but I just don't know what to do

Can u guys help me?

And sorry this is really long but I really need help on this...

Should I get over him?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd say you should. If he really liked you the way you like him, he wouldn't be with another woman right now. Sure, he might like you, but more as a playmate than someone to be in a relationship with.

    Since he said that you should get over him, I doubt that he's playing you. The fact that he knows how you feel about him while he's in a relationship with someone else, may make things hard for him as well.

    What I'd do if I were you, which also has happened to me, is to get over him. In a year or two, you might find your way back together. If it happens, then great! You can start getting feelings for him again, and vice versa, which most likely won't be hard to do, at least not in my experience.
    If it doesn't happen, well.. You're over him anyways. Maybe you even have a new boyfriend.

    But in the end, it all comes down to you and what you really feel. Relationships aren't easy, but at your age, you should rather have fun and live a little than to cause yourself unnecessary pain by waiting for him to get single again, hoping that you two can be together.

    Hope this helps!


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What Guys Said 4

  • lol really was long
    yes you should get over him
    the best way to do that is find new people to hang out with and be friends with
    a little fresh air will open your head and ull see the light at the end of the tunnel

  • If you really want him you gotta go for it. I'm kinda there myself. Trying to decide how much more effort she to put before she is no longer worth it

  • Sex makes things complicated if ur not in a relationship and sinice u guys aren't and he's with another girl, get over him. The quicker, the better for u.

  • Why do you say?

    • Only because I don't know my heart says stay and I want to stay but I don't know what to do

    • If left to doserve love but love to see deyils other bi longer the self-pity art

What Girls Said 4

  • Yes. Him saying you should get over him is not some deep, secret code regarding crop circles and algebra. It means he thinks you should get over him. He doesn't feel the same. It sucks but you are a casualty of friends with benefits :(. Find someone who will give you what you deserve.

  • If you really value your friendship you need to calm down and realize thay sometimes we can't have it both ways. You can love him always... but as a friend. And yes, it may hurt, but seeing him happy will eventually make you happy. Remember to love urself first tho.

  • Try watching the movie friends with benefits. Sometimes guys just can't show emotion

  • Get over him.