Are you Facebook friends with any siblings of person your dating is that normal or not?

I noticed something I though was odd on Facebook the other night , one of my ex's has a new bf and I noticed her younger sister is also friends with him on Facebook. I though that is rather odd as she's single and doesn't really know him that well as he's only been dating sister a few months. but admit I haven't been in many similar situations where girl had a younger sister that age and not sure if them being friends is normal or not.

so here is the poll are you Facebook friends with any younger siblings of the person your dating or have you been in past if that applies

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  • yes but i don't talk to them
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  • yes and we talk are friends online
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I am friends with both his sisters, one of his sister's husbands, and both his parents. We talk sometimes. He and I have been together for a few years now so it's not like we don't talk in person either. We do, but I wouldn't say I'm BEST friends with either of them.

    • but in this situation its a guy who's friends with his gf's hot younger single sister? don't you see anything odd with that , of course it also depends who added who and why. maybe one felt obligated cause they know each other. but what would they have to talk about and shouldn't he be focused on the gf not the hot sister?

    • Well I mean, I guess... but it's not like he's friends with her hot friend. It's her sister.

    • still its her sister? what would they possibly have to talk about? would she be ok with him " liking " her photo's? she is good looking , maybe the whole thing is innocent in nature but isn't there potential for it to go bad? I found the older sister is the jealous type that's why we broke up

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What Girls Said 2

  • Not weird at all. Im Facebook friends with my sisters BF and we get along really well.. But in my opinion it depends on her age. For example if she is 15 and he is 21 that would be weird.

    • I'm going to assume he's like 22 and she's 19 , he's older than her , but she's not that much younger than older sister. she's also really good looking like a new version of Marilyn Monroe and has really big boobs , it just seems odd there friends any guy thinks she's really hot

    • Hmmm.. I really don't see the problem their both adults living life.. Just because she is "really hot" dont mean every guy including him wants her.

      I think you care about your Exs and sisters welfare. But to you this guy is like a threat and no matter how great he is (i dont know this) you will try to find anything wrong.. Please for your wellbeing and. sanity forget about it cause its not worth your time.

      All the best.

  • My mother, sister and I are friends with my ex and his brother.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't have Facebook, so that's impossible.