Jealous and super insecure?

So im normally kinda the jealous type... you flirt with my guy, im going to spazz in my head and play cool then ask him what he thinks of the girl later. (With a few of my ex's they had mad wondering eyes and one was even on dating sights while we were dating)
Some chick shows up in his snapchat, im panicing. Its not the type of jealousy where i want to rip her face off, its the type where i wonder and doubt that he likes me and i feel as if im in competition constantly then.
The guy im talking to does have a chick hanging around who he's know for a while from concerts and is visiting her and a few other people this summer. Its driving me up a wall because i think she's into him, and I don't know if he's into or was into her or if they have a history asides from friends.
how can i explain this to the guy im talking to without sounding rediculois and crazy?
how can i let him know im not okay with her and need reassurance he's into just me?
how can i get over this?
i constantly feel like being replaced.


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  • Talk to him in a nice way and tell him you will trust him. Otherwise, if you're always keep doing that you will lose him and you will lose your confidence too.